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As we are getting a number of such requests for job seekers, executives looking for work are approaching us in a considerable rush, and for too many reasons.

We have added this service as a paid service for those asking us to look for them for employment in the GCC mostly: UAE (Dubai or Abu Dhabi), Qatar (Doha), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah, or others), Bahrain, Oman (Muscat) or Kuwait, or any other place worldwide.

Please check below to know how you can start on this.

What's included in this service?

  1. Domain name: which is, payment included for one year.
  2. Hosting with emails: like , a business professional email.
  3. Updating your CV/Resume: optimized for ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) which are bots that crawl your CV looking for certain keywords before it reaches a human being or doesn’t at all.
  4. LinkedIn profile update: optimized for Google and LinkedIn search algorithm to be found for better and for more often.
  5. Clients’ Database approach: contacting our clients, one by one, checking if your expertise is needed for them.
  6. Daily Search: registering in the main job boards, and daily looking and applying for suitable vacancies.
  7. Branding: advertising your expertise worldwide and different search engines, mainly Google.
  8. Paid ADs: posting your expertise on paid advertisements, mainly Google and LinkedIn.

Process Steps

  1. Choosing a Domain name and link it to a hosting provider
  2. Build, design, and develop your personalized website profile
  3. Revamping the CV/Resume and LinkedIn profile
  4. Submit to job boards and start advertising
  5. Registering on the main job portals and start applying to suitable vacancies
  6. Contacting our database of CEOs, and the executives of those companies already our clients

What is Requested from You?

  1. Old CV copy
  2. Any additional data not mentioned in the CV and you see relevant and is the time to add these, which would improve your ranking and chance of faster recruitment
  3. Your LinkedIn username (email) and password
  4. High resolution official/formal photos of you, with different poses if possible

What this will Cost you?

The total cost of this service is US$ 1,500 , paid on two payment as:

  1. First Payment: US$ 500 down payment, upon our agreement and confirmation to start
  2. Second Payment: US$ 1,000 upon recruiting and on your first day of work

Please contact us to agree on the suitable mode of payment : bank transfer, paypal, credit card, western union …